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The author's personal stories both at home and in Europe will help you open up to your own greater perception.

Top 10 Celebtrities with ESP*

*Maintain your sense of humor.
10 celebrities with ESP
#10. Me. You should download my book.

#9. Miley Cyrus who channels a She Devil.

#8. Singer, guitarist Chris Isaac who channels the deceased Roy Orbison.

#7. Ben Affleck who hypnotized all Hollywood casting directors into giving him starring roles. (A good thing!)

#6. David Letterman who had a prophetic dream that a Top 10 list would be popular, and it worked.

#5 and #4. The Koch brothers are a bodily reincarnation of the Black Plague.

#3. Elvis has NOT left the building.

#2. Bill Murray is magically willing his life to extend to 102 years and remain hysterically funny to the end.

#1. Lady Gaga who is everywhere at once.

Hopefully I have your attention, and you’re smiling :) Now I’d like to ask you about something very basic and very real in your daily life.

What are you willing to do to become the person you want to be?

I think my memoir and travel journal e-book “Affair with the Divine” can help you find what we’ve gotten used to calling a person’s inner self. I tell the story of what happened when I practiced lifting my level of attention to events in my life enough to notice that more was happening than I previously thought, and there is a thread going through it.

I wonder if you’ve ever thought about why you are living here at this time. It sounds like too big a question, but I think it isn’t because of what happened to me during the times I describe in the book. My personal conclusion came from the science of evolution on one hand. On the other hand it came from embracing greater self-esteem: believing that I, you may be important to Evolution.

I’m guilty of always wanting to push my experiences to the edge to learn what more there may be to consider. Those edges have led me to believe that life is a partnership: we humans experiencing growth with a partner – some kind of energy that I call “the divine” for lack of a better word. Whatever that energy is, it is moving forward by experiencing growth through us at the same time. We are its scouts so to speak. The accomplishments are shared. A simpler way to put it is the inner self that so many of us seek, is right here with us in the form of learning to see a “third path” which is beyond yes-do-it as I have before or no-don’t-do-it as I have not done it before. The third path information I encounter is seen and felt as a more interesting way to start every day. The interesting part has to do with having more complete information. I see and feel the information as complementary and on my side. Yes I see it, actually see the form of the opportunities that are not from a zombie movie, but certainly are brand new. No zombies or vampires arrive. I still have to do my laundry. My feet are still on the ground. The opportunities are the benefit of a partnership that opens an extra circuit times when it matters. Once I opened the extra circuit I knew it everywhere. You can read about what I mean by “everywhere” in Affair with the Divine, especially the second half which the real time journal I wrote, day by day sometimes hour by hour, when I traveled to France and Italy.

Please DO comment. Let’s talk to each other because my story is not your story.


  1. Susan October 23, 2014 at 3:28 pm #

    This is a must read book. Inspiring. Loved It! Enlightening.

    It opened my eyes to so many things such as the “opportunities” and the “third path”. Life is evolving, such as I, forever seeking the … story.

    Thank you M.L.
    Susan H.

    • ML Katis October 23, 2014 at 8:01 pm #

      From the author: Susan, I think you should become my press agent:-) What a wonderful way to put it.. “forever seeking the.. story.”

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