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Interstellar – Exploring Love and ESP

interstellar exploring love and espI saw the movie “Interstellar” directed by Christopher Nolan, written by him and his brother Jonah. You should too if you’re interested in new science validating ESP between people who are very close to each other, love one another. Even more, the possibility the 6th Sense ability can break through the Time Continuum, make it through the past, present and future. I think it’s worth the 2 hours 50 minutes you’ll spend; why not go with it and suspend your notion of time, in order to think about whether a deep understanding between two people a/k/a “love” is a quantifiable force like gravity.

Like the movie, this blog is called “Letters from the Other Side” because I’m asking you to talk about how it is or could be possible for you to see, feel and use psychic energy. My book “Affair with the Divine” tells you how I found it possible to link that energy with the person in my life, my soul partner after he died.

Interstellar’s story cannot help but suggest “2001 A Space Odyssey” (1968) because it goes into unknown outer space for human research, and high tech robots do most of the boring work. Unlike HAL in “2001”, the robot designers gave them a sense of humor maybe because it would keep the space travelers calm. The difference is that Interstellar takes what 2014 psychics theory has really learned, and moves forward to 2044 when adventurous science is dead, discoveries are only devoted to saving the planet from our own destruction of it. The two most important characters, a space rocket pilot father and his young daughter are soul mates. She sees what others can’t, things that compel her to find math formulas to explain her psychic sight. He has to leave her to be honest with himself, that even though he loves his family he has to command a secret mission which can only leave him many years younger than the family members..if he can return to earth..if they’re not dead because earth has dried up.

Some movie reviewers found the film’s Understanding-of-Love as a new accessible force of change and evolution, unbelievable. I should tie them up and force them to read “Affair with the Divine“:-) which I deliberately wrote in non-fiction journal format, and I referred to psychic theory I read and studied. Interstellar has the same kind of aim, the difference is it is a fictional story with verifiable Psychics theory accounted for by using information from academic journals provided by the film’s scientific advisor, Kip Thorne. According to American Wired’s feature on the process, it’s possibly one of the most scientifically accurate black holes ever created in a sci-fi film.

I find it discouraging when skeptics and no-sayers to yet undiscovered energies ignore what we already know. Here’s what Christopher Nolan, Interstellar’s creator said in a magazine interview about Albert Einstein.

He didn’t have any tools, any telescopes. He didn’t have a supercollider. He just had his head. He would recreate the universe in his own head, and ask himself questions…

What do you think?