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"Only a few books can effect you so deeply that you desire a change and Affair with the Divine is one such book."

- Dr. Prem

A Memoir: A Day with a Psychic Dog

When you read “Affair with the Divine” you will find out how, when and why I began to have dreams that were precognitive, meaning the  same dream stories entered into my awake life. You’ll also find out how and why I found psychic communication with nature including spending some time with a very special dog who shared his feelings about the effect the wind and mountains were having on both of us.

psychic dogYou’ve heard statements like “We’re all One”. But what does that mean in your daily life? I think we like pretty statements like that, but for one, I could not apply the words to personal spiritual advancement. They are way too vague. As acting teachers advise their students – a thought is not an action. What audience would like to pay to watch you think? “Find action out of your character’s thoughts.”  My book describes how actively moving through each day with my goal in mind, played out. I learned that spiritual guidance is always there, both on good days and bad days. Maybe you will recognize something in my memoir that leads you to finding another wise and kind dimension in your life. Like I did.

I began meditating in 1968 when Eastern thought became popular among us Flower Children. (Meditation is not thinking by the way, it’s not thinking.) When I first started it was a sort of game, like playing with a Ouija board. What message would I get? After a while, though, I experienced working on a higher level with the higher power I had always sensed was there, and it was a very real force. I discovered beauty in what was being expressed on a psychic level—an equation equaling authentic yin and yang, the essential element. Not two elements but one, reflecting and complementing. I cannot describe three easy steps nor ten steps nor any particular method to success, because co-creating life, working with both essential energies, is one long step: making living a full meditation, gaining an outlook that becomes who you are—not what you do. Emptying the mind is so much more than sitting cross-legged. It is important to continue meditation on a schedule, but for me, it was only a start on the path to contemplating what is called Modern Animism—believing in the cosmic life and breath in all natural creation.

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