The Moon Is Our Mistress

moon cycles and espThe fundamental principle of the moon and its cycles is a good place to start developing your extrasensory perception. The first step is using the phases of the moon to your advantage. The “growing” moon (waxing) is a time for taking steps forward. The full moon is a celebration. The “fading” moon (waning) is best used as a time for making plans and taking care of little messes, be they emotional or as simple as housework.

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When the moon is full, try sitting right there in the falling beams. It works because there is an inherent and unique glow to it. We all feel the mightiness of bright sunlight, but not many people (other than Wiccan practitioners) have taken the time to recognize and experience the force of moonlight. It is a perfect example of plain sight turning into more. Where to go from there is a matter of choice.

Complicated rituals using bowls of salt, water, and researched spell words are interesting, but do not place you in YOUR NOW. Your own personally created reactions will lead to natural responses that are more valuable to feeling other dimensions, which is accessing ESP in our own way. I am inspired to perform other tasks in a stream-of-consciousness way. Without question or foresight, I simply do whatever comes to mind by just letting go of any plans. I see and feel more.

This is not selfish. It’s the opposite; it leads to understanding beyond selfishness.

For instance, one time it made me want to buy white flowers, and I did the next morning. When I put the flowers in a vase, I sensed the goodness of the water that would keep them alive; I looked at the flowers’ construction, really looked, and at the same time called to mind that glow of moonlight that I’d seen. I realized it was not pure white like the flowers—it had hints of another sheer color, not one I’ve ever found before in the thousands of paint sample colors in stores. The color was in my mind’s eye and I recreated it in a split second as I prepared the flowers, sharing it with them. SHARING IT WITH THEM was not a thought, but a natural reaction to the connection between them and myself.

From my book Affair with the Divine:

“Paying attention to moon cycles is not for women only. In fact, when men practice it I think they will find themselves fulfilling a valuable agenda: getting to know the yin (nurturing) shadows alongside the yang (vigorous) essence. A psyche that balances both is the goal. Fear evaporates. Role models that constrain, tumble.”

In my next blog Letter from the Other Side, I want to write about the difference between Yin and Yang influences and how to use both together in your life.

What do you think?