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Finding The Real You – But Where Is It?

terence mckenna philosophyOPRAH PHILOSOPHY: FINDING THE REAL YOU

My hat is off to Oprah Winfrey for her exploration toward “finding the real you.” My favorite Oprah moment was when a guest on her discussion show said something like, “Our authentic Self is rigged in our favor.” Oprah apparently had an epiphany with those words. But, I think she limits discoveries to the boundary of the cultural norm. Terence McKenna, ethnobotanist, philosopher, writer, teacher, lecturer, has helped me there. He devoted his life to the question “but where is it!?” My personal exploration lay beyond what our (everybody’s) current “cultural icons are”. (Terence McKenna’s words) If you are not familiar with his brave and glorious lectures, read the last half of this blog post. I will mention a synopsis of his outlook, yes it’s a theory only, but oh what a theory!

“Understanding the universe is your responsibility. You are the immediate sector of your universe.” Clear space on your inner hardware drive. Dissolve the cultural operating system.” 🙂

We are told to accept reality according to the best of our knowledge of facts. Yet the facts are really only a consensus of the most number of people. And that brings trial and error. The huge errors we know, destroying Earth our home, causing and negotiating war death and destruction, becoming a consumer nation, and most important of all, settling for some degree of unhappiness. Are you accepting how and why you presently live your life as the only meaning of human experience?; are you counting on someone else to find a better direction eventually? Is that all there is? No it’s not

“You punch the clock Baby, on the nightstand
You close your eyes waiting for the Sandman
Spend your life bracing for the crash land
You forget, Baby it’s a dream land.
Dreams come true Dreams come true
Yes they do, Dreams come true.
Uh-O Hey-O Hey-O ..Uh-O Hey-O!”
(‘Dreams Come True’ Brandon Flowers- The Desired Effect CD)

Temporarily put away the slogan talked and written about by Oprah and many others “Finding the real you.” My experiences have shown me that I have to go beyond that. Not limit myself to attempting to change the world a la Mother Theresa (within what I am told is possible) but instead seek and find other- dimensional information which is the best contribution I can make to changing everyone’s direction because I’m working with more than seems possible. You can work on higher, more powerful consciousness levels. ***Get ready though, it takes courage!

I was born with a built in mantra for discovery. (I’ll bet you’ve had a dream or two about your body flying, and wished you could.) Maybe because I have a low tolerance for pain. At an early age, I rebelled against the Christian Catholic theory in which I was brought up: we human beings are filled with sin from our birth, beholden to a critical God. Studying the philosophy of religions, I learned that each of us chooses whether to accept the idea of Dualism or Non-Dualism belief.

From Affair with the Divine: I comprehend Dualism as adhering to the premise that God lives in a perfect realm and everything else in a separate, imperfect realm, of His making. I understand Non-Dualism to be the proposition that there is one realm, without division between the universal and the temporal. It is a shared experience; each mirrors the other. It begs the question, why has each of us apparently agreed to perceive ourself as a fragment of the mirror—one of approximately seven billion human fragments. That is a very difficult question.

Download my memoir book to understand why “normal” was never enough for me, why my personal life proved to me that I’m on the right track. You won’t be able to fully understand these blogs without reading about what happened to me after my husband died (and still communicated with me) and my reactionary travel abroad, so that you can compare them to what is going on with you, what in fact is hovering all around you. Worth a $7 download to you? What I write here is only an addition to my book. OK enough about what I think of me. I will move on to me and Terence McKenna:-) Oh what a theory he has!

What we are told to believe including Sociology, Science, and Religion are also theories, not answers to what is possible beyond presently accepted, “reasonable” ideas. McKenna said “Man is God’s Brother.” It’s along the lines of what Oprah loved, “Our lives are rigged in our favor.” I also felt it early in my life.
From my book: That would make God’s interrelationship with humans one-sided in “His” favor, and it seemed vindictive to me. The presence I felt with me was very much in tune with my positive desires.

McKenna fully understood the meaning of Alchemy, and believed that our bodies contain the capacity to access the mystery which tells us where our species has been and is going. The history of this thought process was formed in the 1st and 2nd centuries (Hermetics) when Greeks and Romans observed the collapse of their culture, and searched for an alternative direction. Native Shamans have always known it through the use of hallucinogenic plants that McKenna also used. I, myself, took a few drug trips in the ’60s, and found collaboration of my suspicion that multi-dimensions are accessible. Being an ethnobotanist – someone who studies the plants used by native people of various cultures around the world – Mr. McKenna climbed the ladder to more and more powerful hallucinogenic experiences. I didn’t have that zeal. Instead I turned to Buddhism. It’s basic tenant is learning that what we conceive of as reality is really Maya, a dream with suffering and pain. And it asks what will you do with that enlightenment? McKenna: “There is a galaxy inside lies in 3-D the Virtual Reality we can create..[first, we have to] clear space on our brain’s hard drive.” He meant delete the “apps” that aren’t working because, from everywhere-in-your-face advertising up to and including world politics, they’ve been programmed to limit us. And doing the deletions is inviting everything that is positive about us. It’s our birthright. We can discover by direct experience. “Nobody is smarter than you.”

I am not suggesting that people lose touch with their sanity, surroundings, family and friends or humanity. I’m saying discover the programmed “have to’s” that one identifies as blocks to intelligent questioning and well-being. It is destiny that brings us to humans on Earth, the current university we are attending. It’s OK for me to create a more advanced course of study. It’s said that shortly before he died McKenna said that his half here/half there consiousness made him accutely aware of Nature’s beauty to the point where an insect walking on a leaf caused him to cry.

Open your mind, and if you’re curious to learn about McKenna. Here’s one youtube link. It’s deep stuff.

I suggest you go slowly. Each piece of his information will help you look around for the proof you will begin to see every day. Oh yes, and read my book first 🙂

Mindfulness Meditation and Mind Expansion

mindfulness-meditationMindfulness Meditation is a trend buzz phrase right now. There’s an app for that. Seriously. Thousands of people maybe more by now have downloaded it. As I understand, you sign up for meditations delivered by a person who’s found a way to lower daily stress and help you find yourself for x number of minutes per meditation.

  • make the best of waiting in a Starbucks line
  • nano-trip your body and mind
  • beat the clock & win the game
  • better cope with the life you don’t want to live but have to

“Sometimes the pressure’s so heavy I feel like leaving it all behind. Ain’t that the way it’s always been. Everybody’s sitting around waiting for the sun to come again.”

-The Way it’s Always Been/Brandon Flowers song

Don’t get me wrong. I know very well we’re living in a high speed age. I’m not saying that the one true mindfulness is only found in a Buddhist monastery. (Though the man who sponsors the meditation app I’m familiar with, did himself retreat for a number of years first of all.) I’m not suggesting that an unsatisfying life style can only be cured by dropping out of school or quitting your job to tend bee hives in rural Oregon.

My opinion involves balance and integration instead of, in this case, asking pieces of meditation downtime to somehow effect what you do the rest of the time. I don’t see them as necessarily separate. I think it can be one dedication, single mindedly combining your unique circumstances = what is happening in your life and your natural born spiritual intention = carry with you an awake meditation.  Create your brand of excitement and peace 24/7. What could be better than living and meditating at the same time? (See blog page about shaking up your life)

Thinking and feeling that way caused my perception of reality to expand. I felt compelled to tell everyone about it. I needed to write my book as a memoir because if I learned anything from the experiment, it was that a mindful presence activated itself according to what was happening to me: a marriage separation, a drastic career change, watching the person I loved most, die. It was still my life, but larger. New events echoed experiences from my past in a way that put the pieces together. I became braver at the wheel. I allowed myself to take fascinating trips to places that seemed to be waiting for me to arrive. The result is the feeling that I am a part of everything that is alive.

Problem: Blog etiquette says I should not use my blog posts to push you to buy my book. That’s difficult here because these posts almost always refer to that same fundamental issue: that I can only tell you what happened to me, and give you hints about the idea of manifesting dynamic change your own way. If that’s what you’re looking for- lifting up your experiences to include a dose of higher consciousness- then you should read “Affair with the Divine”. It’s only 100 pages, about 6 or 7 long Starbucks lines. If you have a taste for speed, no app is needed. Here’s a quote from the book.

“The outcome of an intention can be manifested within a shorter and shorter amount of time until it takes only a second of clear focus, though the outcome may be in the future, rather than immediate. The cultivated ease with which the desire is projected is what is important.”

Buddhist Conspiracy Theory

buddhist conspiracy theoryMany of you know about the conspiracy theories flying around the Net. There is the Masonic Order conspiracy, Zionist, Aliens, New World Order, etc. Well, I’ve uncovered a Buddhist plot which is this. “Spend none of your vital energy following anybody else’s conspiracy theory. The Essential Conspiracy is activated by you, and you alone.” Shocking isn’t it? 🙂 I’m kidding, or maybe I’m not. This old story may help explain. An ancient Egyptian priest prepared his student for what could be his final test to prove he had learned all that the priest had imparted. It began with the student masterfully calling up a vision of a path separating into two directions. Which would the student take? He made his choice instinctively. At that moment in the vision the priest appeared, looming gigantic, and pointed to the other path. The student bowed his head and changed his decision. The vision burst with the priest’s annoyance. “Choosing my way, not your own means you are not ready yet.”

I write about my point of view, always suggesting that you decide yours; but how do you know you’re right? Consider for a minute that there is no right or wrong. A lot to ask a human I know, but you can do it. Unless you choose to believe that everything is utter chaos, and you have no control- the answer then about knowing you’re right, has to be to consult your conscience. You’ve learned who you are, which equals both your intelligence and feelings that have come from your personal experiences so far. Hopefully, you’ve arrived at that moment of decision having done the best footwork you could in search of your identity. My opinion is to keep going, and get moving! My book is the story of my moving forward both at home in the U.S. and in Europe. You could start with some meditation, open up to new ideas by looking around for them. You may wind up agreeing with a conspiracy theory- fine- but consider the effects. What does it mean to tomorrow, what does it mean to your future? Are you sure you’d like to accept it as the background to your life? Does it sound right to make your future dependent on that particular scenario? The conspiracies I’ve read about are negative and make me feel like a victim. They suggest I have no power compared to the Big Guys.Think about it, isn’t looking for aliens from another planet just looking for another Sky God to control us? “You are what you think.” Do you agree with that? (I’d really like you to answer that question by commenting here.)

You can look into Buddhism which tells us that we’re in a kind of University. The University of Discovery. What we see is a dream/vision created by our individual evolution which could also impact all evolution. That’s a big deal if you accept (for now) that current reality tests our choices both for each of us and it may effect universal evolution. I’m not suggesting that people should lead a monk’s life. There are equally important discoveries in having a good time, knowing and feeling what makes us happy.

My blogs aren’t intended to be lectures, but discussions. Add a comment, just a few words would be nice. Also there’s the fact that Google counts how many comments the blog gets in its search placements. The better the placement = more people will see what I’m writing about. In other words, it’s the Google Conspiracy.

Watch out for Narcissists

Tips on Meeting New People

Little did I know I would deal with a Narcissist.

I was burned big time a couple of years ago when I met a young man, a store clerk, who immediately showed me his open personality, great sense of humor, and musical talent. He was a musician working part time at the store. It was at a time when I needed to do something impulsive, to take a chance and shake myself out of spending weekends alone. I deserved it. The usual happened – a couple of phone calls and then dates. One night he sang a romantic song to me under my bedroom window! It sounds corny, but it felt like we were in a romantic movie. It turned out to be a horror film.

“Affair with the Divine” is the memoir ebook you can download here. It tells the story of what happened and how and why it happened when I opened myself up to raising my perceptions.

watch-out-for-narcissistsI take the psychic, spiritual side of my life seriously, but sometimes I forget to “ground myself” while I’m “lifting myself up” by attracting new experiences. (The blog before this one is about positive attraction.) Maybe this page will help you consider how to protect yourself from wasting your time on people who want to take your positive energy away. Or worse.

I have met a lot of people who call everyone they’ve talked to more than once, a friend. And I’ve overheard new acquaintances of mine on their mobile phones greet and talk to all personal callers in exactly the same way they talk to me, same tone of voice, same level of “sharing.” For me, that’s not good enough.  I think deep down we all know that friendship and love are emotions that are carried through a committed relationship of any kind. Falling in love is another thing altogether. The rush we get when we’re swept off our feet isn’t really a feeling, it’s species body chemistry designed to find someone whose genes are compatible in order to create stronger children. It’s basic science that’s basic to humans and many other species. That euphoric rush that arrives with falling in love should be considered a recreational drug 🙂 to be recognized and treated that way. It is what I forgot to do. I made a mistake with this guy. And because I want to honor people’s efforts I gave him several chances to clean up his act. I paid for it, but at the same time I learned to take my time when I meet someone, and carefully listen and watch instead of talking and doing even though someone appears to be genuinely interesting and exciting. Think about it, is your talking and doing your attempt at being someone you’re not?

There is a lot of information coming out about the good number of Narcissists out there. Their confused reality has been more clearly recognized and defined in the past few years. They are very talented con-artists like the man I met; they can instantly size you up and turn themselves into a person who seems perfect, who can provide you with what you’ve always wanted. It may be too good to be true. He or she will completely change as soon as you’re “hooked.” A Narcissist’s agenda is to create a close relationship so they can brainwash you, eventually destroy you. And we cannot change them. They’re too far gone and sadly, will probably never change.

So what do we do when we rightfully choose to “take our time”? Back to acquaintance vs. friend. I think it’s a simple answer, it’s what I learned works best for me, anyway. It’s a simple idea, but not easy to do. The answer is to keep being who we are, doing the same things we do. Stay grounded within yourself not make that person the major focus. Sure, add him or her into your life’s activities, but also watch to see if they add YOU to theirs. Wait long enough to meet other people they spend time with. Do they act like real friends? Try not to share your deep feelings right away. If you have met a Narcissist, that’s the worse thing you can do. Then they’ll know how to deeply manipulate you. In other words, before you can trust someone to be among your friends, be sure you are happy when you’re with them, not occupied with “working out problems” that you’re accused of causing. It’s a telltale sign of caution! in the beginning. If you make a mistake like I did, and realize you are losing track of your own feelings..RUN! Your thoughts and emotions and spirit are very important to your health along with taking care of your body – in case you’ve been wondering what Holistic Health really means.

If you would would like some links to websites that help you recognize a Narcissist before it’s too late, post a comment here or email me.

My Way to Attract What I Want

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know that I will never write “This is how you do it..” I wrote the memoir ebook advertised on these pages to describe the multi-dimensional, psychic plots that occurred in what I was naturally doing, and where I was doing it. One plot lead to another one because I learned to trust that the outcome might be what I wanted to happen. I did not want my ego boosted nor did I want any guilt attached – “Should I be doing this?” I just want to be useful, intelectually excited, and happy. Download my book for the details.

Attracting my guidance went like this.

1. I realized that guidance was there; I had always sensed it in subtle ways, and it was personally comforting and I hoped other people felt it.

2. I read about what it could be. I chose the next book or article or website based on what I thought about the information I had just read. I’m not the only one guided naturally in that way. Shirley MacLaine experienced certain books literally dropping into her hands at her favorite bookstore.

3. I took community college courses. The deciding course was The Philosophy of Religion, not a particular religion. We studied writings about all the major religions. I learned that the word re-legion means the desire to return to where we came from. And where is that? Did I want to believe that a God decides my fate, or believe that I have control?

I like Buddhism’s Yin/Yang advice: We have the power to apply ourselves to our individual success, and at the same time influence universal progress. Both are available. One we see all the time in the human dimension, the other involves practice. However, both are one.

attract-what-you-wantWhen the hidden (I call Divine) information appears, I notice that I feel much better because my brain stops its habit of chattering back at me about the things I and other people are doing wrong, or should be doing. I think we assume that those random thoughts are helping us figure it all out. That did not work for me. I made no real progress toward getting the most out of my life and becoming happier.

When psychic events started happening, I thought “so far so good”. Moving forward with them took putting aside some of my fear but after a while, I recognized that those other-dimensional events (I describe those sights in my book) lead me to what I really want to attract into my life. There was the question of moral conscience – if I follow rather than lead the outcome, will I be following my heart and mind? That’s an important decision because it is deeply personal. I found that I always had the freedom to change course. The inspiring philosophy-religion classes I took mentioned “the negative summons” meaning the message/thought/feeling each person likely gets when an action is not the right way to go. Take for instance how much we know about the destruction involved in following someone else’s dogma like that of a cult guru. What I’m talking about is the opposite, sixth sense appearances within the fabric of my own life events.

Making friends with the Yin to your Yang or the Yang to your Yin is an interesting subject. The science of Psychology comes close with Gestalt therapy, a form of psychotherapy developed in the 1940s and 50s. Gestalt therapy emphasizes “Personal responsibility focussed on the individual’s experience in the present moment, the environmental and social contexts of a person’s life.” If I’m correct, the therapy is often applied to the meaning of dreams – the theory is that every person and thing seen in dreams represents YOU. Maybe it’s more than in dreams. Can it be applied to a formula for awake living?  There is a mutual attraction between you and the people, places and things that show up in your life.

According to Gestalt, we should consider all things that come to us that strike us as worthwhile –  both animate and inanimate (crazy as that sounds).  Animate is of course other people, and animals, plants, our planet etc., and inanimate, special objects or representations of objects. Money for instance that passes through your hands. Think of it as a partner. “Talk” to it, share what it is you’d like it to help you do.

This is Your Brain – On Higher Consciousness

Most of us live our lives based on conditioning, worthwhile but limited in scope by formal education, social norms and expectations. We ignore nonconventional methods. The thing is, the limitations can be ill-fated because they do not belong to the unique person each of us is. When you are presented with evidence you see and feel that it contrary to what you expect, you fight against it. You want to dismiss it. Yet every day millions of people are dedicated to religions that pay homage to the extraordinary: special men and women you’re told about who followed their spiritual instincts, and they were led to supernatural visions. The message of the religions, as I understand, is the special people did it, but chances are, you cannot – you had better stick to black is black, up is up, down is down. But what if you see unusual shades of black, see an up that suddenly becomes a perception including down?

brain-higher-consciousnessI believe that each of us can extend our choices in an individual way by gradually loosening our acceptance of what others have determined we “should” see and feel. Understand, It’s my opinion based on my experiences as described in the book I wrote. The book you can get from this website. It is not theory, it is a memoir of my experiences. Yes, it could be that we are born and will die in the course of hard science without being influenced by extrasensory experiences. Nevertheless, there is so much more around us. There is for me, and I have no reason to think it is not there for you. It’s a gradual process. I found my own process, and it came out of what was going on in my life. You can find your own way through your own life. I suggest what you could do, in “Affair with the Divine”.

I heard an interview with an artist who paints colors she sees beyond what average people see. Neurologists are testing her to find out why her brain perceives them when others don’t. The medical professionals are looking for an additional part of her brain that has been activated. But which came first? the open mind of the artist which stimulated her brain’s electrical pulses, or the pulses caused her to see more variations of color. Either way, the artist has not accepted the limitation of color as defined by “ordinary” acceptance of it. You have probably heard of psychics seeing auras, colors that surround a person’s body indicating health and well-being. I have seen the aura of one person I encountered, someone I observed but had never met. I did not set out to do it, I just went to a patio restaurant I’d never been to before, without expectations, but with an open mind.

Things are becoming clearer about understanding the possibilities of what we can’t see.

“More is unknown than is known. We know how much dark energy there is because we know how it affects the Universe’s expansion. Other than that, it is a complete mystery. But it is an important mystery. It turns out that roughly 68% of the Universe is dark energy. Dark matter makes up about 27%. The rest – everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter is less than 5%.”

But there is no need to get that complicated. We have Plato, the Greek philosopher and teacher, who approached the subject of simultaneous realities through the simple description of bound prisoners in a cave, and the wall they are forced to face unable to turn their heads. Briefly, Plato describes the drama of the shadows the prisoners do see, that becomes their only reality. It does not include everything else going on around them. And maybe much more is going on around you.

Inspirational Self-Help

Notice the “SELF” in Self-Help. Self / yours / individual / channeled to you / you look into your future.

inspirational self helpHave you or are you thinking of spending time and money on books, tapes, lessons, interviews and lectures by famous spiritual guidance gurus? You know who and what I mean, the information goes something like this. Try to “love yourself and others” all the time. Eat only vegetables, humbly pray. Meditate this way. Visualize yourself at peace.

Has it worked? I mean really worked because you have results.

1. Results you can see, hear and feel.

2. Results that make it easier after you have practiced a while.

3. Results that show you what increasing your “personal power” means.

4. Learned there are new and better results than you expected.

5. Results that prove you have been working with only ½ of yourself.

Write a comment. Let’s talk about the big business of Self Help.

OK, my first name is not Deepak or Eckhart and my book “Affair with The Divine” will not reveal the ways everyone can find peace and happiness. I wrote the book as a memoir for one big reason: to tell the real-time story of where and how I was “invited” to understand what my life really is. Events happened that guided me toward using valuable energy productively while I deeply grieved the death of my soul mate, and traveled to places I’d never seen. You can read (for under $10 and in one night) about where and how the magic and excitement manifested for me.

My book is a journal of my experiences, not what yours are or will be. But you will learn what the road signs could be. You will become psychic and draw like-minded people to you – or at least recognize the people who just take up your time for no good reason.

I suggest that you travel when you can to a new environment. Traveling far away is exciting, however a nearby place like a kids playground you haven’t been to, will bring results too. Take it in slowly and calmly. Watch and allow your perception to open up and show you any comparisons to what it is you need – it will make itself known after you practice a while. (This past week I was able to find some objects when I thought about needing them. They appeared where I was standing.)

Listen. I think that is what John Lennon was telling us.

“#9 Dream”

So long ago
Was it in a dream, was it just a dream?
I know, yes I know
Seemed so very real, it seemed so real to me

Took a walk down the street
Through the heat whispered trees
I thought I could hear (hear, hear, hear)
Somebody call out my name as it started to rain
Two spirits dancing so strange

Dream, dream away
Magic in the air, was magic in the air?
I believe, yes I believe
More I cannot say, what more can I say?

On a river of sound
Thru the mirror go round, round
I thought I could feel (feel, feel, feel)
Music touching my soul, something warm, sudden cold
The spirit dance was unfolding

Interstellar – Exploring Love and ESP

interstellar exploring love and espI saw the movie “Interstellar” directed by Christopher Nolan, written by him and his brother Jonah. You should too if you’re interested in new science validating ESP between people who are very close to each other, love one another. Even more, the possibility the 6th Sense ability can break through the Time Continuum, make it through the past, present and future. I think it’s worth the 2 hours 50 minutes you’ll spend; why not go with it and suspend your notion of time, in order to think about whether a deep understanding between two people a/k/a “love” is a quantifiable force like gravity.

This blog is called “Letters from the Other Side” because I’m asking you to talk about how it is or could be possible for you to see, feel and use psychic energy. My book “Affair with the Divine” tells you how I found it possible to link that energy with the person in my life, my soul partner after he died.

Interstellar’s story cannot help but suggest “2001 A Space Odyssey” (1968) because it goes into unknown outer space for human research, and high tech robots do most of the boring work. Unlike HAL in “2001”, the Interstellar robot designers gave theirs a sense of humor maybe because it would keep the space travelers calm. The difference is that Interstellar takes what 2014 Physics has theorized, and moves forward to 2044 when adventurous science is dead, discoveries are only devoted to saving the planet from our own destruction of it. The two most important characters, a space rocket pilot father and his young daughter are soul mates. She sees what others can’t, things that compel her to find math formulas to explain her psychic sight. He has to leave her to be honest with himself, that even though he loves his family he has to command a secret mission which can only leave him many years younger than the family members..if he can return to earth..if they’re not dead because earth has dried up.

Some movie reviewers found the film’s Understanding-of-Love as a new accessible force of change and evolution, unbelievable. I should tie them up and force them to read “Affair with the Divine“:-) which I deliberately wrote in non-fiction journal format, and added essays I had written. One of the essays talks about M Theory and its relationship to the other dimensions around us, unseen. Interstellar has the same kind of aim, the difference is it is a fictional story with verifiable Physics accounted for by using information from academic journals provided by the film’s scientific advisor, Kip Thorne. According to American Wired’s feature on the process, it’s possibly one of the most scientifically accurate black holes ever created in a sci-fi film.

I find it discouraging when skeptics and no-sayers to yet undiscovered energies ignore what we already know. Here’s what Christopher Nolan, Interstellar’s creator said in a magazine interview about Albert Einstein.

He didn’t have any tools, any telescopes. He didn’t have a supercollider. He just had his head. He would recreate the universe in his own head, and ask himself questions…

Top 10 Celebtrities with ESP*

*Maintain your sense of humor.
10 celebrities with ESP
#10. Me. You should download my book.

#9. Miley Cyrus who channels a She Devil.

#8. Singer, guitarist Chris Isaac who channels the deceased Roy Orbison.

#7. Ben Affleck who hypnotized all Hollywood casting directors into giving him starring roles. (A good thing!)

#6. David Letterman who had a prophetic dream that a Top 10 list would be popular, and it worked.

#5 and #4. The Koch brothers are a bodily reincarnation of the Black Plague.

#3. Elvis has NOT left the building.

#2. Bill Murray is magically willing his life to extend to 102 years and remain hysterically funny to the end.

#1. Lady Gaga who is everywhere at once.

Hopefully I have your attention, and you’re smiling 🙂 Now I’d like to ask you about something very basic and very real in your daily life.

What are you willing to do to become the person you want to be?

I think my memoir and travel journal e-book “Affair with the Divine” can help you find what we’ve gotten used to calling a person’s inner self. I tell the story of what happened when I practiced lifting my level of attention to events in my life enough to notice that more was happening than I previously thought, and there is a thread going through it.

I wonder if you’ve ever thought about why you are living here at this time. It sounds like too big a question, but I think it isn’t because of what happened to me during the times I describe in the book. My personal conclusion came from the science of evolution on one hand. On the other hand it came from embracing greater self-esteem: believing that I, you may be important to Evolution.

I’m guilty of always wanting to push my experiences to the edge to learn what more there may be to consider. Those edges have led me to believe that life is a partnership: we humans experiencing growth with a partner – some kind of energy that I call “the divine” for lack of a better word. Whatever that energy is, it is moving forward by experiencing growth through us at the same time. We are its scouts so to speak. The accomplishments are shared. A simpler way to put it is the inner self that so many of us seek, is right here with us in the form of learning to see a “third path” which is beyond yes-do-it as I have before or no-don’t-do-it as I have not done it before. The third path information I encounter is seen and felt as a more interesting way to start every day. The interesting part has to do with having more complete information. I see and feel the information as complementary and on my side. Yes I see it, actually see the form of the opportunities that are not from a zombie movie, but certainly are brand new. No zombies or vampires arrive. I still have to do my laundry. My feet are still on the ground. The opportunities are the benefit of a partnership that opens an extra circuit times when it matters. Once I opened the extra circuit I knew it everywhere. You can read about what I mean by “everywhere” in Affair with the Divine, especially the second half which the real time journal I wrote, day by day sometimes hour by hour, when I traveled to France and Italy.

Please DO comment. Let’s talk to each other because my story is not your story.

Test your ESP ability with only one question

test your espYou are looking at furniture in a large department store near closing time. You have a question about the chair you’ve been admiring, but no one is around. As you head for the escalator, a salesperson in a far corner sees you, and walks toward you. You’re sure you have never talked to her before, but at the same time you’re overwhelmed with a feeling of deep friendship, and your eyes fill with tears. Remarkably so do hers. Face to face, you both know you’re sharing the identical moment without having to say a word.
QUESTION:  WHAT IS HAPPENING?  (Please share your answer)