Finding The Real You – But Where Is It?

OPRAH PHILOSOPHY: FINDING THE REAL YOU TERENCE McKENNA PHILOSOPHY: BUT WHERE IS IT? My hat is off to Oprah Winfrey for her exploration toward “finding the real you.” My favorite Oprah moment was when a guest on her discussion show said something like, “Our authentic Self is rigged in our favor.” Oprah apparently had an

Buddhist Conspiracy Theory

Many of you know about the conspiracy theories flying around the Net. There is the Masonic Order conspiracy, Zionist, Aliens, New World Order, etc. Well, I’ve uncovered a Buddhist plot which is this. “Spend none of your vital energy following anybody else’s conspiracy theory. The Essential Conspiracy is activated by you, and you alone.” Shocking

Watch out for Narcissists

Tips on Meeting New People Little did I know I would deal with a Narcissist. I was burned big time a couple of years ago when I met a young man, a store clerk, who immediately showed me his open personality, great sense of humor, and musical talent. He was a musician working part time

Inspirational Self-Help

Notice the “SELF” in Self-Help. Self / yours / individual / channeled to you / you look into your future. Have you or are you thinking of spending time and money on books, tapes, lessons, interviews and lectures by famous spiritual guidance gurus? You know who and what I mean, the information goes something like

Top 10 Celebtrities with ESP*

*Maintain your sense of humor. #10. Me. You should download my book. #9. Miley Cyrus who channels a She Devil. #8. Singer, guitarist Chris Isaac who channels the deceased Roy Orbison. #7. Ben Affleck who hypnotized all Hollywood casting directors into giving him starring roles. (A good thing!) #6. David Letterman who had a prophetic