Buddhist Conspiracy Theory

buddhist conspiracy theoryMany of you know about the conspiracy theories flying around the Net. There is the Masonic Order conspiracy, Zionist, Aliens, New World Order, etc. Well, I’ve uncovered a Buddhist plot which is this. “Spend none of your vital energy following anybody else’s conspiracy theory. The Essential Conspiracy is activated by you, and you alone.” Shocking isn’t it? 🙂 I’m kidding, or maybe I’m not. This old story may help explain. An ancient Egyptian priest prepared his student for what could be his final test to prove he had learned all that the priest had imparted. It began with the student masterfully calling up a vision of a path separating into two directions. Which would the student take? He made his choice instinctively. At that moment in the vision the priest appeared, looming gigantic, and pointed to the other path. The student bowed his head and changed his decision. The vision burst with the priest’s annoyance. “Choosing my way, not your own means you are not ready yet.”

I write about my point of view, always suggesting that you decide yours; but how do you know you’re right? Consider for a minute that there is no right or wrong. A lot to ask a human I know, but you can do it. Unless you choose to believe that everything is utter chaos, and you have no control- the answer then about knowing you’re right, has to be to consult your conscience. You’ve learned who you are, which equals both your intelligence and feelings that have come from your personal experiences so far. Hopefully, you’ve arrived at that moment of decision having done the best footwork you could in search of your identity. My opinion is to keep going, and get moving! My book is the story of my moving forward both at home in the U.S. and in Europe. You could start with some meditation, open up to new ideas by looking around for them. You may wind up agreeing with a conspiracy theory- fine- but consider the effects. What does it mean to tomorrow, what does it mean to your future? Are you sure you’d like to accept it as the background to your life? Does it sound right to make your future dependent on that particular scenario? The conspiracies I’ve read about are negative and make me feel like a victim. They suggest I have no power compared to the Big Guys.Think about it, isn’t looking for aliens from another planet just looking for another Sky God to control us? “You are what you think.” Do you agree with that? (I’d really like you to answer that question by commenting here.)

You can look into Buddhism which tells us that we’re in a kind of University. The University of Discovery. What we see is a dream/vision created by our individual evolution which could also impact all evolution. That’s a big deal if you accept (for now) that current reality tests our choices both for each of us and it may effect universal evolution. I’m not suggesting that people should lead a monk’s life. There are equally important discoveries in having a good time, knowing and feeling what makes us happy.

My blogs aren’t intended to be lectures, but discussions. Add a comment, just a few words would be nice. Also there’s the fact that Google counts how many comments the blog gets in its search placements. The better the placement = more people will see what I’m writing about. In other words, it’s the Google Conspiracy.

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  1. vic October 20, 2017 at 9:05 pm #

    The whole of life is but an array of bewildering words; meant to arrive nowhere.

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