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Finding The Real You – But Where Is It?

terence mckenna philosophyOPRAH PHILOSOPHY: FINDING THE REAL YOU

My hat is off to Oprah Winfrey for her exploration toward “finding the real you.” My favorite Oprah moment was when a guest on her discussion show said something like, “Our authentic Self is rigged in our favor.” Oprah apparently had an epiphany with those words. But, I think she limits discoveries to the boundary of the cultural norm. Terence McKenna, ethnobotanist, philosopher, writer, teacher, lecturer, has helped me there. He devoted his life to the question “but where is it!?” My personal exploration lay beyond what our (everybody’s) current “cultural icons are”. (Terence McKenna’s words) If you are not familiar with his brave and glorious lectures, read the last half of this blog post. I will mention a synopsis of his outlook, yes it’s a theory only, but oh what a theory!

“Understanding the universe is your responsibility. You are the immediate sector of your universe.” Clear space on your inner hardware drive. Dissolve the cultural operating system.” 🙂

We are told to accept reality according to the best of our knowledge of facts. Yet the facts are really only a consensus of the most number of people. And that brings trial and error. The huge errors we know, destroying Earth our home, causing and negotiating war death and destruction, becoming a consumer nation, and most important of all, settling for some degree of unhappiness. Are you accepting how and why you presently live your life as the only meaning of human experience?; are you counting on someone else to find a better direction eventually? Is that all there is? No it’s not

“You punch the clock Baby, on the nightstand
You close your eyes waiting for the Sandman
Spend your life bracing for the crash land
You forget, Baby it’s a dream land.
Dreams come true Dreams come true
Yes they do, Dreams come true.
Uh-O Hey-O Hey-O ..Uh-O Hey-O!”
(‘Dreams Come True’ Brandon Flowers- The Desired Effect CD)

Temporarily put away the slogan talked and written about by Oprah and many others “Finding the real you.” My experiences have shown me that I have to go beyond that. Not limit myself to attempting to change the world a la Mother Theresa (within what I am told is possible) but instead seek and find other- dimensional information which is the best contribution I can make to changing everyone’s direction because I’m working with more than seems possible. You can work on higher, more powerful consciousness levels. ***Get ready though, it takes courage!

I was born with a built in mantra for discovery. (I’ll bet you’ve had a dream or two about your body flying, and wished you could.) Maybe because I have a low tolerance for pain. At an early age, I rebelled against the Christian Catholic theory in which I was brought up: we human beings are filled with sin from our birth, beholden to a critical God. Studying the philosophy of religions, I learned that each of us chooses whether to accept the idea of Dualism or Non-Dualism belief.

From Affair with the Divine: I comprehend Dualism as adhering to the premise that God lives in a perfect realm and everything else in a separate, imperfect realm, of His making. I understand Non-Dualism to be the proposition that there is one realm, without division between the universal and the temporal. It is a shared experience; each mirrors the other. It begs the question, why has each of us apparently agreed to perceive ourself as a fragment of the mirror—one of approximately seven billion human fragments. That is a very difficult question.

Download my memoir book to understand why “normal” was never enough for me, why my personal life proved to me that I’m on the right track. You won’t be able to fully understand these blogs without reading about what happened to me after my husband died (and still communicated with me) and my reactionary travel abroad, so that you can compare them to what is going on with you, what in fact is hovering all around you. Worth a $7 download to you? What I write here is only an addition to my book. OK enough about what I think of me. I will move on to me and Terence McKenna:-) Oh what a theory he has!

What we are told to believe including Sociology, Science, and Religion are also theories, not answers to what is possible beyond presently accepted, “reasonable” ideas. McKenna said “Man is God’s Brother.” It’s along the lines of what Oprah loved, “Our lives are rigged in our favor.” I also felt it early in my life.
From my book: That would make God’s interrelationship with humans one-sided in “His” favor, and it seemed vindictive to me. The presence I felt with me was very much in tune with my positive desires.

McKenna fully understood the meaning of Alchemy, and believed that our bodies contain the capacity to access the mystery which tells us where our species has been and is going. The history of this thought process was formed in the 1st and 2nd centuries (Hermetics) when Greeks and Romans observed the collapse of their culture, and searched for an alternative direction. Native Shamans have always known it through the use of hallucinogenic plants that McKenna also used. I, myself, took a few drug trips in the ’60s, and found collaboration of my suspicion that multi-dimensions are accessible. Being an ethnobotanist – someone who studies the plants used by native people of various cultures around the world – Mr. McKenna climbed the ladder to more and more powerful hallucinogenic experiences. I didn’t have that zeal. Instead I turned to Buddhism. It’s basic tenant is learning that what we conceive of as reality is really Maya, a dream with suffering and pain. And it asks what will you do with that enlightenment? McKenna: “There is a galaxy inside lies in 3-D the Virtual Reality we can create..[first, we have to] clear space on our brain’s hard drive.” He meant delete the “apps” that aren’t working because, from everywhere-in-your-face advertising up to and including world politics, they’ve been programmed to limit us. And doing the deletions is inviting everything that is positive about us. It’s our birthright. We can discover by direct experience. “Nobody is smarter than you.”

I am not suggesting that people lose touch with their sanity, surroundings, family and friends or humanity. I’m saying discover the programmed “have to’s” that one identifies as blocks to intelligent questioning and well-being. It is destiny that brings us to humans on Earth, the current university we are attending. It’s OK for me to create a more advanced course of study. It’s said that shortly before he died McKenna said that his half here/half there consiousness made him accutely aware of Nature’s beauty to the point where an insect walking on a leaf caused him to cry.

Open your mind, and if you’re curious to learn about McKenna. Here’s one youtube link. It’s deep stuff.

I suggest you go slowly. Each piece of his information will help you look around for the proof you will begin to see every day. Oh yes, and read my book first 🙂