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Mindfulness Meditation and Mind Expansion

mindfulness-meditationMindfulness Meditation is a trend buzz phrase right now. There’s an app for that. Seriously. Thousands of people maybe more by now have downloaded it. As I understand, you sign up for meditations delivered by a person who’s found a way to lower daily stress and help you find yourself for x number of minutes per meditation.

  • make the best of waiting in a Starbucks line
  • nano-trip your body and mind
  • beat the clock & win the game
  • better cope with the life you don’t want to live but have to

“Sometimes the pressure’s so heavy I feel like leaving it all behind. Ain’t that the way it’s always been. Everybody’s sitting around waiting for the sun to come again.”

-The Way it’s Always Been/Brandon Flowers song

Don’t get me wrong. I know very well we’re living in a high speed age. I’m not saying that the one true mindfulness is only found in a Buddhist monastery. (Though the man who sponsors the meditation app I’m familiar with, did himself retreat for a number of years first of all.) I’m not suggesting that an unsatisfying life style can only be cured by dropping out of school or quitting your job to tend bee hives in rural Oregon.

My opinion involves balance and integration instead of, in this case, asking pieces of meditation downtime to somehow effect what you do the rest of the time. I don’t see them as necessarily separate. I think it can be one dedication, single mindedly combining your unique circumstances = what is happening in your life and your natural born spiritual intention = carry with you an awake meditation.  Create your brand of excitement and peace 24/7. What could be better than living and meditating at the same time? (See blog page about shaking up your life)

Thinking and feeling that way caused my perception of reality to expand. I felt compelled to tell everyone about it. I needed to write my book as a memoir because if I learned anything from the experiment, it was that a mindful presence activated itself according to what was happening to me: a marriage separation, a drastic career change, watching the person I loved most, die. It was still my life, but larger. New events echoed experiences from my past in a way that put the pieces together. I became braver at the wheel. I allowed myself to take fascinating trips to places that seemed to be waiting for me to arrive. The result is the feeling that I am a part of everything that is alive.

Problem: Blog etiquette says I should not use my blog posts to push you to buy my book. That’s difficult here because these posts almost always refer to that same fundamental issue: that I can only tell you what happened to me, and give you hints about the idea of manifesting dynamic change your own way. If that’s what you’re looking for- lifting up your experiences to include a dose of higher consciousness- then you should read “Affair with the Divine”. It’s only 100 pages, about 6 or 7 long Starbucks lines. If you have a taste for speed, no app is needed. Here’s a quote from the book.

“The outcome of an intention can be manifested within a shorter and shorter amount of time until it takes only a second of clear focus, though the outcome may be in the future, rather than immediate. The cultivated ease with which the desire is projected is what is important.”

Test your ESP ability with only one question

test your espYou are looking at furniture in a large department store near closing time. You have a question about the chair you’ve been admiring, but no one is around. As you head for the escalator, a salesperson in a far corner sees you, and walks toward you. You’re sure you have never talked to her before, but at the same time you’re overwhelmed with a feeling of deep friendship, and your eyes fill with tears. Remarkably so do hers. Face to face, you both know you’re sharing the identical moment without having to say a word.
QUESTION:  WHAT IS HAPPENING?  (Please share your answer)

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Letter from the Other Side

Grief and grieving are words most often applied to the death of a person, but it can be the loss of anything significant – an animal companion, a home, job, living location, even an object we loved.

books on grief and loss of spouseThere is no need to try brushing aside our concern for healing ourselves based on someone else’s standards because sadness does not have to do with thinking, it has to do with emotion. Because animals do not talk does not mean the impact of losing the animal’s presence and bond of love “should” be easier than losing a human companion. Actually, human conversation is mostly limited to thinking. How often will a person express deep emotion in a discussion? Not often which is why psych therapists suggest telling the person “how you feel” about his or her behavior.

I hope you will download my book “Affair with the Divine”. It’s a short book; about 100 pages so won’t take up a lot of your time. I wrote it as a journal telling the story of my personal trips (plural)- both psychic a/k/a other-dimensionally and actually travel to France and Italy- after my husband’s brain cancer diagnosis and his death. ~ Yes, it is about the physical disappearance of my significant other person, but I think it’s also about how hard it is to live with the awful sadness about anything missing from our lives.

My story is not a generalized approach to acceptance and healing. It is about what happened to me, with emphasis on the greater understanding of Life and Love that ESP can give us all. That’s why I say “physical disappearance” because you will read about my husband’s communication with me, as they say, from the Other Side, culminating in his standing in front of me as visible as anyone else. And he certainly did have things to tell me about the value of our loving time together. If you can open your mind to accept it, here’s how I describe the moment in my book. I was in a church in France for the first time.

“It was as though the other people there were water in a stream, and the two of us branches parting the flow. I stopped identifying with ‘thinking,’ ‘reality,’ ‘change’ and ‘time.’

Those concepts were the aspects that were unreal; the experience I was having was real.”

It’s not just me, of course. The concept that someone or something lives on after death has been expressed since history has been documented. There’s a well-known poem that is often attributed to the poet Emily Dickinson:

“And if I go, while you’re still here, know that I live on, vibrating to a different measure- behind a thin veil you cannot see through. I wait for the time when we can soar together again.”

I think the phrase “Grief walks in the door unexpectedly.” is true, and for me, so is saying that multi-dimensional assistance walks in with it especially when we face loss. We need to practice seeing the psychic energy around us because it may not arrive in a great big vision wearing wings.

Extra sensory perception came to me most often looking like an ordinary event at first glance. But I have learned to recognize the significant difference. If you have read this page to here, chances are you can learn the difference, too. Interested? Well then, read my book.

How to Fly on Automatic Pilot and Discover Happiness

I believe we can choose ways to become smarter and happier by adding what we can to the future, our own future and everyone and everything else’s. The hard part is helping ourselves do it.

automatic pilot mindfulnessMaybe this blog will Self Help you. I’m describing my own Other Side/Sixth Sense thoughts and experiences. I always do, because I think example is better than a lecture. I know what works for me. I do not know if it will work for you. It’s why my book, “Affair with the Divine” is a memoir. No one approach neatly carries over to anyone else’s happiness and success. How would I know what everyone’s life is like? Opportunities for learning and growth are right there in individual circumstances.

Reading this and my book will hopefully inform you that finding mind body and spirit wholeness is not about wishing for or manipulating the present or future because someone said it will. It is about seeking and embracing what already surrounds you, and allowing extrasensory perception to fill it up. Take my day today, for instance.

I have had a difficult week leading to today, Friday morning. I fought like a wet cat in order to manage it all. It didn’t work most of the time. I was impatient, angry, had insomnia, sent too many, too long business emails that sounded too personal. I finally had a good dream last night about being in a place, reacting to a visual announcement that “vibrations” were going up, and would lead to a more peaceful state of affairs. When I got up, I just knew that it was time to commit the day to letting it all happen, to letting my intuition guide me moment to moment. I drove to a store to buy what my iPhone Notes list told myself to buy, but I didn’t go in. Instead on automatic pilot, I went to another store next door.

The older woman who waited on me at first struck me as annoying, but within a few minutes I realized it was her sense of humor. I suggested she should do a standup comedy routine. I made her laugh. We got to talking about our animal companions through the years, not only what they looked like, but that both of us had to euthanize an aging and sick soul mate cat. I told her that my husband found mine, and they were very close until my husband died in 2003, and that a psychic I knew called me recently right after my cat died. The psychic had channeled a message from my husband who wanted me to know that the cat was wonderful, and to thank me. The woman understood and said it gave her “chills”. As I left with better items than I would have found in the original store, I told her truthfully that it had been a pleasure meeting her, and she said the same to me. It wasn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened to me. You can read about the other times in my ebook.

My point?

Try visiting a place that you haven’t thought about going to. It is important to go alone. I merely remind you of this. It is the “artist’s date” idea of author Julia Cameron, who details the benefits of the activity in her book “The Artist’s Way”. You could find magical connections. I do.

Self Improvement Ideas You Have Never Thought About

I need comments! Is anyone out there?  I write about the ENTIRE YOU – body, mind and spirit. If you are looking for self-help to reduce ugly body fat, come back another time.

(Please do not add comments that include links to your site or product. They will not post.)

Ideas for Self Improvement: Letters from the Other Side Exercise #4

Yin Yang

Get to feel the entire you. As I wrote before, avoid looking in the mirror when you don’t have to for a couple of days because it will help you put aside your day-to-day personality for a short while.

Recap: previous blog pages about:

Self-help Suggestions for Enhancing your Life – Exercise #1

Is Meditation Lame? – Exercise #2

Find a good time to take slow deep breaths for a few minutes. Quite soon, floating in free space sends a message that you can freely love yourself because you are part of a forward moving plan. And so is everything else. This is not as hard as it was for Elisabeth Gilbert in “Eat Pray Love” without my advice:-) and it shouldn’t take up hours of your time. For me, the strength of intention toward helping yourself is a goal that can be manifested within a shorter and shorter amount of time until it takes only a second of clear focus.

When you’re ready after some practice with this, start writing a journal of feelings, sights or sounds that strike you as having a deeper meaning than you have normally seen –the ones that influence you in an unusually positive way. I strongly suggest that you choose only the ones that go along with your conscience – what is “right” and “wrong” for you. These insights have been called A POSITIVE SUMMONS all the way back to the Greek philosophers

I wasted a lot of time searching for the lifestyle I wanted until I found out that my own influence on myself is more than what surrounds me doing everyday things, and more than my limited ideas about where I thought I was going. In other words, allowing an extra dimension to come in, added more exciting and worthwhile choices

In my experiences (told in the journal that is my book), enhancement will not come to you falling out of a sky, not be general and vague without a guru to translate, not appear as far out weird things. (Except they may be surrounded by golden-white light.) They fit into specific times in your life that have already taken place, or are currently happening, or can be possible future events. They are scenes from the movie that is the story of YOU unfolding.

“Always stay in your own movie.” Ken Kesey

Want To Shake Up Your Life?

Here’s where you have to go! —> Nowhere

Ideas on enhancing your life: Letters from the Other Side #3 in a series

Psychic Experiences with ML CurryI am convinced that the out of this world experiences everyone craves, show up looking only slightly different from all daily events. When they do show up, they ask you to step up to plate if you are serious about moving yourself forward. They are happening to you right now, you just can’t see them without knowing what to look for. Insight, psychic, paranormal, psychedelic, euphoric, religious experiences, or whatever you choose to call them.

If you give it a try, it will come down to accepting what you think and feel when it happens because, in general, it is something easily denied. You will start with personal skepticism. You’ll want to second-guess the influence these esp events are having on you. In my case, they feel as though they match up to my conscience, verify that it’s the right thing to do. And best of all, I know I’m not alone.

TV’s Celebrity Ghost Stories features people in the news who have seen or heard or felt extraordinary sights and sounds that astonished them. They swear they themselves didn’t cause it, so it must be ghosts. The “regular people” on The Long Island Medium ask her to bring them messages from The Other Side, meaning from those who have died. These regular people believe they cannot see and feel other dimensions themselves. They think they need someone special to tell them. Believing that we all have a soul is standard teaching by most religions. But what is taught is that we have to wait for death to be in touch with the answers. I disagree.
My online self-help ebook is not a lecture. It is a memoir describing where and when inspiring and helpful, yet soul-shaking experiences came into my so-called “real” life during grief and world travel. In other words, it tells my psychic experience stories.

Hey, you can think I’m not telling the truth, or I’m seeing illusions or whatever. Frankly, I don’t care. I write these things to tell my story, and ask you to consider that it may be possible to practice seeing other simultaneous dimensions that are tailor made for the decisions you make. Nothing happening is ordinary because we are the product of the past, present, and future. That’s pure Science. It is The Big Bang, the story of our universe.

Is Meditation Lame?

Recap: We’re talking about exercises that inform you how to focus your thoughts. Last week’s blog Letter addressed an exercise you can try: Exercise #1 Stop Mental Chatter!

Exercise #2 Meditate

Is Meditation Real?I don’t meditate every day. I do it when I feel mentally stuck in one place. Emptying our minds is a step in the right direction. I learned that I could apply it to everything I do because I am learning to feel peaceful and more powerful. It improves my focus, and focus attracts Extra Sensory Perception like seeing and hearing very positive guidance that a lot of people don’t see and hear. Who doesn’t want that?

Meditation is emptying the mind in order to experience what is abstract. Not letting thoughts interfere is a monumental challenge for everyone. I use a technique suggested by the meditation master Chögyam Trungpa, perceiving the word “thinking” every time I realize I am thinking while sitting and calming down. I allow the word representation to float away. Note, “allow” not “force”. It takes practice.

B-R-E-A-T-H-E Try feeling as though the middle of your breath is the middle of a starry universe. A sense of unity comes, and it has a message about loving yourself because you are a part of something BIG.

Suggestions for Enhancing Your Life

Outside/In is the new Inside/Out

Enhance Your LifeIt’s time for us to stop our mental chatter. You know, the conversation that goes on between you and you – like a non-stop talking mirror image that criticizes, guesses at what to do next. Speaking of mirrors, exercise #1: Try not looking in a mirror for a couple of days. You will find out what I’m talking about, possibly feel a little “lost.” But your awareness will increase, your judgement as to your power to Take It or Leave It will start to make better sense. You’ll gain authenticity.

As adults most of our life is based on conditioning. We react rather than reflect. Up, as we are drilled, is up, and down is down, black is black and white is white. It’s preconceived information, it’s not creative information. We are so determined to learn, anticipate, and control that we often ignore nonconventional methods for doing just that. We are notorious for placing ill-fated limitations on our world, and ourselves, and then fighting against all evidence to the contrary. We owe our present, unsolicited feelings and interpretations more attention.

Have Self-help New Age books improved your life?

Share your questions, comments and ideas.  What Side Are You On?

Have Self-help New Age books improved your life? (No.) Here’s why.

Dear Browser,

I have ideas about New Age books.  My personal library of metaphysical information does not include books that tell me:  “We surrender our thoughts, then He uplifts our thoughts, then our experiences change.. We activate it with every loving thought..” (Marianne Williamson) or  “The key is to be in a state of permanent connectedness with your inner body – to feel it at all times.  This will rapidly deepen and transform your life.  The more consciousness you direct into the inner body, the higher its vibrational frequency becomes.” (Eckart Tolle)

Well meant, intelligent advice, but I don’t know what it means in terms of my daily life.  If I succeed at it, what happens?  What do I see, think, feel  NOW.  What if I should be practicing something entirely different, like dancing in circles or listening to more Led Zeppelin.  I don’t want to spend years believing that I’m making deposits into a crucial bank account somewhere else, then when I die, learn that I didn’t save enough for retirement!

A spiritually adept person I know said, “ disrespect to Tolle, but the reality is, we all go forward and once we accept our “Ah Ha” moment we need to grow.” (Charley Takaya)

I agree with Charley.  My own Ah Ha moments are described in the ebook I offer to you on this website.  It details very real and specific psychic incidents that happened in my growing up, adult grief and the healing I found traveling.  The travel to Europe is explained in a day by day real time travel journal.  Your story, too, is UNIQUE and DIFFERENT.  Most self-help books have good intentions, but the information is flawed because it is dependent upon following the methods based on the author’s philosophy, not your own.  No one else has lived the dynamics of your past and present life, nor is she or he engaged in creating your unique future.