Mindfulness Meditation and Mind Expansion

mindfulness-meditationMindfulness Meditation is a trend buzz phrase right now. There’s an app for that. Seriously. Thousands of people maybe more by now have downloaded it. As I understand, you sign up for meditations delivered by a person who’s found a way to lower daily stress and help you find yourself for x number of minutes per meditation.

  • make the best of waiting in a Starbucks line
  • nano-trip your body and mind
  • beat the clock & win the game
  • better cope with the life you don’t want to live but have to

“Sometimes the pressure’s so heavy I feel like leaving it all behind. Ain’t that the way it’s always been. Everybody’s sitting around waiting for the sun to come again.”

-The Way it’s Always Been/Brandon Flowers song

Don’t get me wrong. I know very well we’re living in a high speed age. I’m not saying that the one true mindfulness is only found in a Buddhist monastery. (Though the man who sponsors the meditation app I’m familiar with, did himself retreat for a number of years first of all.) I’m not suggesting that an unsatisfying life style can only be cured by dropping out of school or quitting your job to tend bee hives in rural Oregon.

My opinion involves balance and integration instead of, in this case, asking pieces of meditation downtime to somehow effect what you do the rest of the time. I don’t see them as necessarily separate. I think it can be one dedication, single mindedly combining your unique circumstances = what is happening in your life and your natural born spiritual intention = carry with you an awake meditation.  Create your brand of excitement and peace 24/7. What could be better than living and meditating at the same time? (See blog page about shaking up your life)

Thinking and feeling that way caused my perception of reality to expand. I felt compelled to tell everyone about it. I needed to write my book as a memoir because if I learned anything from the experiment, it was that a mindful presence activated itself according to what was happening to me: a marriage separation, a drastic career change, watching the person I loved most, die. It was still my life, but larger. New events echoed experiences from my past in a way that put the pieces together. I became braver at the wheel. I allowed myself to take fascinating trips to places that seemed to be waiting for me to arrive. The result is the feeling that I am a part of everything that is alive.

Problem: Blog etiquette says I should not use my blog posts to push you to buy my book. That’s difficult here because these posts almost always refer to that same fundamental issue: that I can only tell you what happened to me, and give you hints about the idea of manifesting dynamic change your own way. If that’s what you’re looking for- lifting up your experiences to include a dose of higher consciousness- then you should read “Affair with the Divine”. It’s only 100 pages, about 6 or 7 long Starbucks lines. If you have a taste for speed, no app is needed. Here’s a quote from the book.

“The outcome of an intention can be manifested within a shorter and shorter amount of time until it takes only a second of clear focus, though the outcome may be in the future, rather than immediate. The cultivated ease with which the desire is projected is what is important.”

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