Meet The Author

ML Curry, Affair With The Divine AuthorDANCE played a pivotal role in my life for twenty-two years. “As Professor of American Contemporary Dance in Vienna, I spent a year teaching stately opera ballet dancers to relate to inventive new music, to put their toe shoes aside and dig their new, flat-heeled shoes into the floor in order to move with a modern soul.”

HOLLYWOOD assistant to feature film and television producers, writer of two television scripts. “My desire for the intense professional life I’d had in New York melted away. To help pay the bills, I secured a position working for a movie producer, but what was really on my mind was a deeper interest in unusual phenomena. I wasn’t the only one.”

BUSINESS OWNER and manager of metaphysical advisors web site. “I picked up a phone message from one of the psychic advisors who works with my business. She told me that she was awakened one night hearing my deceased husband’s voice. (She needed a stiff drink afterward!) He told her to continue doing the important work she was doing. He also told her to tell me that he was not getting through to me in my dreams and wanted me to know that he will continue to watch over me.”

WRITER “I departed Los Angeles for Milan, Italy. I would document happenings daily in long hand, to capture what was presented in real time. I would use uncensored writing in the hope that I could report on the days in full, giving energetic creations their say, allowing all levels of consciousness to speak.”

PHILOSOPHY “I look at the gift of time on earth as an opportunity to analyze the essence of consciousness, and apply the natural endowment of devotion needed to challenge predominant belief in order to present wo/mankind with a reason for understanding and loving itself and the rest of the world.”