Travel Memoir

It was in the summer of 2005…

Bellagio, Lake Como

“I walked across the small room slowly to the balcony’s double doors, and stepped outside. The surroundings were morphed into an important image from my teenage past when I had been struck by a magazine photogravure. I recognized the significance the photo had, and apparently was again having, in my life. There I was as doppelganger.”


“Smiling for my camera was a group of residents, from children to grandmothers sitting on church steps during siesta hours. I shopped, chasing blues away, not knowing why I had to chase anything away. Where was the spiritual luster?”



“I walked to what I was most anxious to experience: the famous covered bridge, the Ponte Vecchio, spanning the city’s narrowest point of the Arno River. The interior is rich in its jewelry shop windows dotting the bridge walkway. The superfluity of cascading necklaces, bracelets, and earrings resulted in an overall look of liquid gold.”


“Paulo is thin and handsome in a youthful way, albeit a youth who flirts with danger and no one, not even him, knows why. Give me a challenge and I am interested. Did I mention that he’s handsome? Yesterday we talked at length about life, solitude, God, the beginning and end of life, his precognitive ability, mine, and the ghosts he thinks inhabit the house by the estate swimming pool.”

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