Her journeys opened up new possibilities and gave her the hope we all need in life. Reading it will open up your mind and help you see through your existence.
Dr. Prem

Fascinating read! Very interesting and unique story & ideas.
– Amazon User

This is an exciting book. The approach is refreshing. The writing is vibrant and compelling. I highly recommend this book for lovers of memoirs, as well as, for those interested in the spiritual/psychic aspect of life.
– Amazon User  
San Diego, CA

I loved this book. It is a love story, a story of healing, a story of self-discovery, simply and beautifully said. ML Curry reveals herself more on every page, proving once again that there is something to be learned in every experience, and the rewards for moving forward are great. Thank you for taking me on the journey.
– Carol E.
Stephens College
Columbia, MO

Reading “Affair With The Divine” was a delicious experience. Throughout the book you are transported in time and space. I loved Italy and the wonderful descriptions of sights and sounds. But the real joy is the spiritual journey. M.L. Curry has a gift for pulling you into the realm of self-discovery. The journey brings her heart-felt experience to you in a new and provocative way. I did not want the book to end and plan on a second reading!
– A. O’Neill
Psychic Renaissance, Inc.

The book is great – I couldn’t put it down!!

– M. Bitner
Plan A Locations
Hollywood, California

M.L. Curry takes us on a wonderful inner journey. We go with her to exotic and yet familiar places, and experience different stages of her life. We see ourselves on the same quest, trying to figure out who we are and what our purpose in this universe is. Wonderful book!

– Beatriz B.
Holistic Health Studio
San Diego, California

This book is a hopeful story of the journey to accepting the unacceptable.

– Carol K.
San Diego, California

Affair With The Divine… a wonderful reading experience. I felt as if I were right there with the author, and felt what she felt. I hope this is just one of many books she will write.

– Erna K.M.
Naperville, Illinois

I loved this book. It is a fresh departure from the touchy-feely new age stuff as it is so grounded and direct. I’ve read it twice!

– A.M. Collins
Buena Park, CA

Her story shows that teachers and understanding can come in all types, comfortable or not. It comes in ways that we need. That is what I felt the genuine point of this book was. I liked it because of the understanding it gave, I did not love it because it does not speak universally, it speaks to those that are ripe and ready for the message purely. Without mincing too many words, this is a worthy book, genuinely worthy of reading, but only for those who really are ready and this is genuinely not “strange” or “unbelievable” material. This is what I mean in the title by, “it is a case of when the student is [genuinely] ready, the teacher will be there for you.”

– Clayton
Amazon User

The vocabulary was extraordinary, the writing fluid and easy to follow. I felt her loneliness at the loss of her spouse, her life partner. It stayed under the surface as she adeptly described what she saw, and what she experienced through her 6th sense. It wasn’t until the ending paragraphs that she allowed the reader to be drawn closer in to her true feelings. She had taken a necessary journey back in order to move ahead. Her travels through places in Italy, unfamiliar to me, and her lifestyle not close to my own, was at its core a journey many take in their own way when the commonality of love and loss calls. Her story was at times poetic “She runs in circles too tight to let in the light.” And at other times instructive with references to writings. I sense there is more to be told here, more to see, and for me more depth of feeling. Maybe pictures to go with the vivid images of Italy and a paperback?

– Susan Brougher
Amazon User

At times the biographical information about an author who is essentially writing a memoir adds more to reading that memoir than in outsider’s information and such is the case with ML Curry: `I was born in Chicago, Illinois, and as a child I had unusually deep feelings about family, friends and the atmosphere around us. Little did I know that those feelings would turn into psychic perception. I studied ballet dancing and joined a semi-professional company when I was a junior in high school. I moved to New York City at the age of 19 to pursue a professional dance career, and it worked. I became a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer which lasted through the first half of my life. I married a simply marvelous actor and singer. When he became very ill and died, I felt lost. Two years later, still grieving, I traveled to Europe to find something that would lead me forward. That’s when psychic events blossomed, and challenged me to step up to the plate, and claim my destiny as a writer. “Affair with the Divine” is the memoir detailing that story.

This memoir is a cluster of thoughts about the spiritual world as well as a detailed study of ML Curry’s life’s journey. Through out the book she offers passages such as, `I have found energy and meaning in my life when I have taken a clarifying glance behind the veil that exists between mortality and immortality. At first the dynamic was almost invisible, felt on a fine level, the psychic equivalent of seeing something out of the corner of one’s eye. And with practice, the phenomenon grew and settled in.’ And another in the following: `Knowledge that is won through dedication, as well as sensitivity toward the unexpected, tells me how to travel in a mode of acceptance and love. I make big and small mistakes, of course. Yet my life has been studded with extraordinary encounters that have delivered a sensation of bliss. Ordinary moments have been transformed into transcendental learning opportunities. The scenery has become more intriguing, warmer, and aligned. Consciousness as it unfolds is dynamic.’

And passages such as this are the main reason to read this book. ML is obviously an artist in dance and in time her creativity with the pen will doubtless equal those with the steps and leaps. This book is interesting but lacks focus at times as though the author is attempting to present a self-help book on spiritualism, forgetting that the life steps are too often ignored. It will come. Grady Harp, June 15

– Grady Harp
Amazon User