My Way to Attract What I Want

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know that I will never write “This is how you do it..” I wrote the memoir ebook advertised on these pages to describe the multi-dimensional, psychic plots that occurred in what I was naturally doing, and where I was doing it. One plot lead to another one because I learned to trust that the outcome might be what I wanted to happen. I did not want my ego boosted nor did I want any guilt attached – “Should I be doing this?” I just want to be useful, intelectually excited, and happy. Download my book for the details.

Attracting my guidance went like this.

1. I realized that guidance was there; I had always sensed it in subtle ways, and it was personally comforting and I hoped other people felt it.

2. I read about what it could be. I chose the next book or article or website based on what I thought about the information I had just read. I’m not the only one guided naturally in that way. Shirley MacLaine experienced certain books literally dropping into her hands at her favorite bookstore.

3. I took community college courses. The deciding course was The Philosophy of Religion, not a particular religion. We studied writings about all the major religions. I learned that the word re-legion means the desire to return to where we came from. And where is that? Did I want to believe that a God decides my fate, or believe that I have control?

I like Buddhism’s Yin/Yang advice: We have the power to apply ourselves to our individual success, and at the same time influence universal progress. Both are available. One we see all the time in the human dimension, the other involves practice. However, both are one.

attract-what-you-wantWhen the hidden (I call Divine) information appears, I notice that I feel much better because my brain stops its habit of chattering back at me about the things I and other people are doing wrong, or should be doing. I think we assume that those random thoughts are helping us figure it all out. That did not work for me. I made no real progress toward getting the most out of my life and becoming happier.

When psychic events started happening, I thought “so far so good”. Moving forward with them took putting aside some of my fear but after a while, I recognized that those other-dimensional events (I describe those sights in my book) lead me to what I really want to attract into my life. There was the question of moral conscience – if I follow rather than lead the outcome, will I be following my heart and mind? That’s an important decision because it is deeply personal. I found that I always had the freedom to change course. The inspiring philosophy-religion classes I took mentioned “the negative summons” meaning the message/thought/feeling each person likely gets when an action is not the right way to go. Take for instance how much we know about the destruction involved in following someone else’s dogma like that of a cult guru. What I’m talking about is the opposite, sixth sense appearances within the fabric of my own life events.

Making friends with the Yin to your Yang or the Yang to your Yin is an interesting subject. The science of Psychology comes close with Gestalt therapy, a form of psychotherapy developed in the 1940s and 50s. Gestalt therapy emphasizes “Personal responsibility focussed on the individual’s experience in the present moment, the environmental and social contexts of a person’s life.” If I’m correct, the therapy is often applied to the meaning of dreams – the theory is that every person and thing seen in dreams represents YOU. Maybe it’s more than in dreams. Can it be applied to a formula for awake living?  There is a mutual attraction between you and the people, places and things that show up in your life.

According to Gestalt, we should consider all things that come to us that strike us as worthwhile –  both animate and inanimate (crazy as that sounds).  Animate is of course other people, and animals, plants, our planet etc., and inanimate, special objects or representations of objects. Money for instance that passes through your hands. Think of it as a partner. “Talk” to it, share what it is you’d like it to help you do.

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